Bones Bones, Baphomet horns and black lipstick – My very visual way to represent Death and what my little six year old neighbour called a “belated Halloween costume – I’m not scared!!”. I wasn’t trying to scare anyone, but it’s true that Halloween is supposed to be a moment when the bridges between the worlds…

London Perspectives

I have been living in London for 3 years and a half now. London is always changing, morphing and evolving. Sometimes, you can see beauty through a fraction of a detail. Sometimes, you appreciate old staples from a new perspective. The path Looking through Waterfront Assassin’s Creed

Flowers, towers, hours in Warsaw

Warsaw in April was quite lovely. I managed to visit a bit and see some friends coming from Krakow just before attending the 4Developers conference. Blooming Towering Sunsetting

Mythological Being: bird hybrid

Let’s continue or mythological journey with more pictures by Ghene Snowdon, this time shot in the largest public square in London. Siren If in the previous article I was an undead mermaid, then in this one I’m more of a siren, even if I’m still wearing my dead mermaid dress from BlackMilk. They now tend…

Interlude with the vampire

Back in September, my friend Joël Lamotte and I went to the beautiful Parc de Sceaux in the south suburbs of Paris to take some pictures. The Park was designed by André le Nôtre (he created the Versailles gardens as well by the way) at the end of the 17th century. The then castle and…