About me


My real name is Céline but I’ve been using Ophelia Autumn as my nickname / persona for quite a while. I answer to both 🙂


I’m a French Londoner with a day job as a team lead in software.

I’m also a time traveling vampire (obviously) and multiverse explorer that likes writing, taking pictures, modelling, drawing, robots, parkour, languages, potentials…

This alternative modeling / fashion blog started because my friends and colleagues were asking about my clothes and commenting my style. Truth be told, it’s also something I wanted to do to overcome some mental blocks. (I’m trying to overcome a few more. Things we think impossible aren’t always quite so.)

I will also publish some photographs here, my writing is in another blog for the moment.


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My blog with short stories, articles, etc: OuZePO 

I also have a Medium account I use much less (more tech oriented)

Coding / Tech talks / Robotics

GitHub-Mark-32px https://github.com/celineboudier

if_Social_Media-04_2274399 talks / trainings

A talk with robots and language processing


I love books! I’m a Goodreads librarian

Pictures / Inspirations! My pinterest



Olaf took a lot of pics featured in this blog: Capturing Emotions