About me


My name is Céline but Ophelia Autumn has been my nickname for quite a while. I answer to both 🙂


I’m a former French Londoner with a day job as a team lead in software, currently a low-impact nomad on a career break. I am a pet-sitter and that’s how Alexis and I travel for the moment ❤

I’m also a time traveling vampire (obviously) and multiverse explorer that likes writing, taking pictures, modeling, drawing, robots, parkour, languages, potentials, vegan food…

This alternative modeling / fashion blog started because some friends and colleagues were asking about my clothes and style. It’s also something I wanted to do to overcome some mental blocks. I am also publishing some travel photography here, and you can find links to my writing blog and my art.

If you would like me to model for you or to collaborate, please contact me. I have a portfolio.

Please also contact me if you’d like to commission an artwork or some writing.

You can also find some prints of my photographs on RedBubble!

I’m a Rogue And Wolf Ambassador! Please use rogueandwolf.com/?ref=bb-m313z4 when ordering! Get an exclusive 10% OFF with code: RWOPHELIA3 🙂


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email: theopheliaautumn@gmail.com
facebook: fb.me/theopheliaautumn
instagram: @lyraophelia
twitter: @celineboudier


RedBubble prints: opheliaautumn

Portfolio on ArtStation


I am a member of Sprectrum – London writers of speculative fiction. In 2021, my short story for the Spectrum contest won 2nd place in Worldbuilding and 3rd in I don’t know why, but I liked it 🙂

My blog with short stories, articles, etc: OuZePO 

I also have a Medium account I use much less (more tech oriented)

My Goodreads author profile

Find the French edition I co-translated with Alexis, of vegan cookbook Kimchi 360 by chef Mauro De Luca, also available in English, Spanish and Italian!

Coding / Tech talks / Robotics

GitHub: https://github.com/celineboudier

YouTube: talks / trainings

A talk with robots and language processing

Researchgate profile


I love books! I’m a Goodreads librarian

I’m also a professional reader on NetGalley!

Pictures / Inspirations! My pinterest


Links: Photographers

Olaf Szmidt, Capturing Emotions

Ghene Snowdon

Isabelle Touyarou

Marco Vinagre

Maciej Zywiol

Joel Lamotte