Want a bespoke artwork? Commissions now open!

Hey there,

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I love to write, explore, take pictures, model…

But you might not know I also love to draw and paint!

A few words about my art…

I guess I’ve always been drawing. I’ve never really had formal training, I just loved drawing from references and drawing human faces. Then I expended slowly into comics, and more “traditional”, I mean, physical, tools: pencils, charcoals, watercolours, felt tips…

In 2018, I decided to boost my craft knowledge. I did quick portrait studies of people in the tube and trains. I also started to study pencil and charcoal live drawing with a friend in London, thanks to the amazing Candid Art Trust.

A year ago, in October 2020, my partner and I decided to quit our flat in London and start traveling. Everything we need has to fit in our backpacks.

So I’ve brought my second hand Wacom tablet and have been upping my digital artwork game, using Krita and now Clip Studio Paint.

I have attended Maf’s Class101 course “Digital Art for Comics : Work Smarter, Not Harder” in 2021. This helped me a lot to get out of my comfort zone and draw with a wider variety of styles and intentions.

I participated in the 2021 OneWeekPortrait challenge by David Belliveau from Paintable, which pushed me into creating one of my most detailed portraits yet.

May 2021

Want to see more?

My portfolio can be seen on my Artstation webpage!

I also have a Redbubble shop, where I sell prints of my current illustrations.

(I think I’ll create more blog posts in the future to talk in more details about my artworks! :D)

Today, I want to go a step further and open Digital Illustration or Portrait commissions!

What I can do:

  • Digital portraits of humans and animals (head, portrait, half body, full body…) with or without background
  • Digital illustrations of realistic or fantasy characters with or without background
  • Digital illustrations of landscapes (no characters)
  • Digital sketches, digital comic like sketches
  • Ping me for more! I have also done abstract art and can be persuaded to do a traditional media illustration on request.

Things to note:

  • Pricing: please get in touch!
  • Tools: I use Clip Studio Paint, and sometimes Krita. I draw on a Wacom tablet.
  • I am open for personal commissions (ie, you can’t profit on my art) but will consider commercial commissions on request (I’d love to do book covers, album covers, video game concepts, and work for projects I care about)
  • Credit me if you share my work somewhere 🙂
  • I will send a full resolution jpeg or png file, not the original Krita or CSP working file.
  • If you agree, I can upload the commissions to my galleries / social media (of course, tagging/mentioning you)
  • I am also open to sending you prints of the artwork, but let’s discuss!
  • There are things I am not comfortable drawing – again, please get in touch with your project!

Steps / process:

Please contact me here, on Instagram, or by email, found in contact on artstation (or other means if you know me!)

We’ll discuss:

  • Your project. If we both accept the commission, I will request enough details to be able to work on it and make sure you’re satisfied with the rsult
  • The pricing
  • The process – when I expect to be paid, revision process, when you can expect the artwork, details to get in touch, sharing options…
  • And more as needed!

I hope you’re excited to work with me!

Feel free to look at my portfolio and share it around!

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