Turquoise Garden

I think I had the idea of starting a fashion blog or goth modelling a while ago, but felt too self-conscious to make it happen.

But life finds a way and I modeled for Olaf Szmidt in an amazingly beautiful London garden, known for its formerly derelict pergola and countless surprising features. The garden wasn’t as crowded as most other London parks, but Olaf and I were definitely not the only ones getting some pictures taken this day.

It was a real pleasure to start a blog in this fashion (pun intended), and a dream come true really, especially with someone as professional as Olaf.

Since I had fresh new turquoise hair, I decided to wear a few black and blue outfits. I tried to match my make up thanks to some great cruelty-free products from Kat Von D and Urban Decay. It was quite funny to change clothes in the garden (no, I won’t share the anecdotes…) and Olaf took about 900 pictures.

The shorter selection will appear in three blog posts:

  1. Key to Wonderland
  2. A Good Slytherin
  3. Her Dark Materials (Soon)

Expect a few more geeky / fantasy references!

  • Pictures, post processing: Olaf Szmidt
  • Outfit selection, location selection, make up: me

In the main picture: a wonderful dress by BlackMilk Clothing and a pendant by Alchemy Gothic



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