London Perspectives

I have been living in London for 3 years and a half now. London is always changing, morphing and evolving. Sometimes, you can see beauty through a fraction of a detail. Sometimes, you appreciate old staples from a new perspective. The path Looking through Waterfront Assassin’s Creed

Flowers, towers, hours in Warsaw

Warsaw in April was quite lovely. I managed to visit a bit and see some friends coming from Krakow just before attending the 4Developers conference. Blooming Towering Sunsetting


Brutalist maze under a blue haze I promised more pictures from the Barbican photoshoot with  in the previous article, Outpost, and here they are! A concrete opening for a cobalt opera Brutalism is an architectural style that started in the 1950s. Often massive, with concrete blocks prone to urban decay and fortress-like features, brutalist…