Splitting Image – Last Part: Red

The last parts of my short story, Splitting Image, with pictures from Marco Vinagre. As a recap: And now… Splitting Image – 2: Red I step in. Wow! It looks like I’m wearing a new dress! How magical! This one is so red and long and comfortable! 

This Corrosion

This October, I was in Poland for some conferences including 4Developers in Kraków. There, I had the pleasure to catch up with friends old and new. Maciej Żywioł, who photographed me in Canary Wharf for some previous articles (The Muse of Dreams,  Chaos Theory and Metamorphosis), photographed me again but this time in his amazing…

Those Red Lips

One summer evening in London, a ruined church and its garden hosted a new photo session with Olaf Szmidt from Capturing Emotions. Since I’m supposed to be a time traveling vampire, a reference to Dracula is only fitting, and this churchyard-like location might have been on the vampire’s list when he was living in London….