Goth Dryads

For our FIRST EVER model collaboration, Alexis and I went to Richmond Park to meet the talented photographer Marina Bratunova (Also

This time we decided to go full goth and added a few Horns in the process as a nod to the forest.

Alexis and I visited Saisai Camden the day before, where we found my amazing black horns from Restyle and his skirt from Punkrave. He also got these great vegan New Rock shoes which make him look even taller, while I was trying to keep up with my old Demonias.

Have you watched Horns? It’s a beautiful movie by Alexandre Aja starring a horn-sporting Daniel Radcliffe, and some pictures from the photoshoot could be used as an alternative movie poster. It’s extremely symbolic and very atmospheric.

We had so much fun shooting up the trees and in the park, even if it was raining like, well, hell. Wet Goths up trees but so worth it! Marina did a great job and I love all the pictures she sent us.

I felt we were truly becoming dryads, nymphs of the forest. We climbed gates (not in the pictures) and trees in big boots, (#parkour :D) and my vegan makeup from Kat Von D beauty didn’t give up, this is some sturdy stuff.

What I call my Assassin’s Creed jacket from punkrave was very helpful and I was also properly armoured by my Burleska corset and Alien Baby harness. My leggings also come from punkrave.

The next article will be even more full on goth with some churchyard scenes and more rain! I hope we can shoot again in a forest soon…

Do you like these 2-model pictures and full goth style?


Pictures: Marina Bratunova @aeonflexx, @gimba_bra

Models: Alexis and me @lyraophelia

Alexis is wearing:
A skirt by @punkravestore from @saisaicamden
Vegan @newrock shoes

I am wearing:
A coat and leggings by @punkravestore
Horns by from @saisaicamden
A corset by @burleska_corsets
A harness by @alienbabyco
Makeup products by @katvondbeauty
Shoes by

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