Goth Dryads 2

After our gothic adventures in a forest, Alexis and I followed photographer Marina Bratunova (Also further into gothland. We discovered a very nice churchyard, and a river.

Who thinks vampires can’t cross a river?

Some of the pictures make me think of movie posters, don’t you think?

They’re in Parties

Learning lines in the rain
Special effects by loonatik and drinks
The graveyard scene
The golden years

Bauhaus, She’s in parties

Horn(y) Vampire Diaries

Excuse my French, but it could be a cover for the Vampire Diaries, or Horns.

If you haven’t seen Horns, I’d recommend it. Not only because Daniel Radcliffe is wearing horns but also because it’s good. Full of references, and very moving at the same time.

Dark Waters

So this trope about vampires not being able to cross rivers?

I’m afraid it’s not true 🙂


Pictures: Marina Bratunova @aeonflexx, @gimba_bra

Models: Alexis and me @lyraophelia

Alexis is wearing:
A skirt by @punkravestore from @saisaicamden
Vegan @newrock shoes

I am wearing:
A coat and leggings by @punkravestore
Horns by from @saisaicamden
A corset by @burleska_corsets
A harness by @alienbabyco
Makeup products by @katvondbeauty
Shoes by

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