Slice of Life

I would wash myself in these pictures of plum trees and apple blossoms, sakura pink, bluebell, green, purple and smooth, all over again, until I’m drowning in petals like guests of Roman emperors, metaphorically – the idea behind art, no, the idea behind reality, without the pettiness and the evil meanings and the drama.

Redbubble prints

Do you know Redbubble? It’s a good place to look for original designs, as artists can upload their stuff and you can have them printed as posters, but also skirts or bath mats!… I looked at their FAQ before registering, they seem ethical, and the prints are of very good quality. My account there is…

Flowers, towers, hours in Warsaw

Warsaw in April was quite lovely. I managed to visit a bit and see some friends coming from Krakow just before attending the 4Developers conference. Blooming Towering Sunsetting

Abandoned Autumn

That’s the second post here with my own pictures, the first one, Northern Sights, was about picturesque Iceland last December. In October, I went to Poland and explored a bit with Maciej who took the urbex pictures for my previous post, This Corrosion. There is something about the places we visited that work well in…

This Corrosion

This October, I was in Poland for some conferences including 4Developers in Kraków. There, I had the pleasure to catch up with friends old and new. Maciej Żywioł, who photographed me in Canary Wharf for some previous articles (The Muse of Dreams,  Chaos Theory and Metamorphosis), photographed me again but this time in his amazing…