Redbubble prints

Do you know Redbubble?
It’s a good place to look for original designs, as artists can upload their stuff and you can have them printed as posters, but also skirts or bath mats!… I looked at their FAQ before registering, they seem ethical, and the prints are of very good quality.

My account there is

So far I’m posting my own photography, some you might recognise from this blog, some you won’t (yet… new articles are on the way hopefully) (Also, most are on Instagram!)!

Also apparently it’s nearly Black Friday and there are already some discounts on Redbubble 🙂 Here are some seasonal prints from my shop:


Here are items some other people than me bought :p

A poster of a sunset seen from the top of Saint Isaac Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Russia
A skirt with a sunrise this time, Donskoy Monastery, Moscow

Autumn Magic

Halloween is over, but come on, Halloween should be every day.

I’ve got a specific section for spooky things, from spiders to cemeteries.

For instance, you can buy this print of a Jorou Spider in Japan on a laptop sleeve 🙂

Some more autumn stuff, maybe less scary, unless you’re a mouse:

Isn’t this cat super cute? Send it to your favourite cat lovers!

For a more Urbex Autumn, I also added some pictures from last autumn’s article about urbexing in Poland. I also had a great time posing for my friend Maciej there.

Urbex in Krakow, Poland.

Winter Magic

It’s nearly winter in the Northern Hemisphere, here are some special cosy things for people feeling cold and in need of a warm mug of tea:

A pillow with a picture from the Izmaylovo Kremlin, Moscow. How Christmassy does it look? You can get this printed on a lot of other things as well
If you’re more into theatres, the Juliusz Słowacki theatre in Krakow under the snow.

OK, I love these pillows… If you have a lot of pillows already, good news, you can buy the covers without the pillows if you want 😀

A turf church in Iceland
A Polish lion under the snow!
Glacier panorama

Spring and Summer

However, in the Southern Hemisphere, some will soon have Summer, after Spring. There are things for you as well:

A journal – featuring blossoms from London
A sleeveless top for your summer nights! A lantern in Kyoto, Japan
Protect your things from the summer rain or rainy season with these pouches! The site of reversible destiny, Japan

Happy browsing 🙂 !

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